Olympus IX71

Location: T-lab level 9, Tissue Culture Room

Contact Persons: Mak Kah Jun

(Apart from Olympus IX71, Nikon Biostation CT, EVOS fl, Nikon Eclipse TS100 and Olympus CKX31 are also available in L9 Tissue Culture room)

Level 9 Tissue Culture Room

Location: T-lab, Level 9, Tissue Culture Room

SOP for Olympus EZ Widefield Fluorescence System

To Start Experiment:

1. Switch on XCite Series 120Q Fluorescence light source (when doing fluorescence imaging).

Take note not to switch ON/OFF lamp within 15 minutes

2. Turn on the transmitted light and adjust the light intensity.

3. Switch between the binoculars or camera viewing

4. Control the Z-axis to focus via the side knob of the microscope.

5. Change the phase ring according to the objective that you are engaging.

6. Turn on the computer

7. Click on the “CellSens Standards” icon on the desktop.

8. Click on “live” for live cell imaging and “snap” to acquire the images that you need.

9. Remember to click on the corresponding objectives on the software and change the objective on the microscope manually. (4X, 10X, 20X and 40X)

10. You may wish to combine images under different settings (eg. fluorescence wavelengths). The steps are as shown below:

Step 1: Click "Image" and "Combine Channels"

Step 2: Choose the specific images you wish to combine and apply it onto the mainscreen.

11. Save your photos under your folder on the desktop temporarily. Transfer all photos on your laksa account as soon as possible.