MBI | W1 Dual Cam Spinning Disk

N3 Laser License NOT required to operate the microscope Link to download SOP


W1 Dual Cam, Level 9 Room 8


Yokogawa CSU-W1, Nikon TiE


10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x

Lasers Diodes

405 nm (100mW), 445 nm (75mW), 488 nm (150mW), 514 nm (40mW), 561 nm (100mW), 640 nm (100mW)

Other informations

2x Photometrics Prime 95b CMOS camera (LP580 dichroic), Quadband dichroic mirror, two triband dichroic mirror, LiveSR Super-resolution module, On-stage incubator


Inverted microscope dedicated to Spinning disk confocal imaging, Widefield imaging, FRAP/PA, Laser ablation, Super-resolution