MBI | W1 LiveSR (L10) Spinning Disk

Location: T-lab level 10, room 4

Contact Persons: Mak Kah Jun/Dr Chin Feili, Jasmine


Laser controller

Turn the key to on to enable the lasers

Switch on the individual lasers that are needed for your experiment

488nm laser controller

Turn the key from standby to on a few seconds after switching it on.

If laser ready light does not appear or turn green, turn the key to standby and back to on again.

Heater for micoscope chamber

Switch on the wall plug for the heater


Switch on the fluorescent light source if necessary

CO2 controller

Switch on the CO2 controller if necessary.


Fill the humidifier with MQ water

Main tab

Select the relevant options

Saving tab

Select your filename and save location

Do not save in C: drive, system might crash during your experiment.

Backup and delete your data from imaging system as soon as possible, other users might delete your data if the system runs out of space.

Timelapse experiment tab

Setup your timelapse intervals here

Multi-position experiment tab

Setup your various positions by clicking on the "+" sign, positions can be preloaded with a file format that is similar to CSV

Multi-fluorescence experiment tab

Setup by keying in the total number of different fluoroscence acquisitions needed

Fluorescence/camera settings sub tab

Setup the camera exposure time and frequency of acquisition

Z-stack experiment tab

Setup the z-stack by either setting top and bottom positions or using current position as the mid point, followed by step size and number of steps

Summary tab

Read through the summary for a final check