1. Turn on the microscope with the power switch (1) on the right side of the base.

2. Plug a USE flash drive into one of the USB ports (2) on the right side of the microscope.

3. Place the sample (3) on the stage, using a vessel holder if needed.

4. Set magnification with the objective selection wheel (4) on the front of the microscope.

5. Pull the light cube selection lever (5, left side of base) all the way toward the front of the microscope (the Channel Bar will highlight the "Transmitted" position).

6. Turn on illumination with the LIGHT ON Button located on the left side of the control bar.

7. Focus the sample with the focusing knob (6).

8. Optional: To take a picture of the transmitted light image, click the Capture Button on the control box.

9. Place the light shield box (7) on the stage.

10. Move the light cube selection lever (5) to the desired fluorescence channel (the Channel bar will highlight the selected light cube).

11. With the Find & Focus Tab active, turn on fluorescence illumination using the LIGHT ON Button.

12. Adjust the focus as necessary.

13. Adjust the Illumination Intensity Slider on the control bar as needed.

14. Click the Capture Button.

15. Repeat steps 10-14 to acquire each fluorescence channel.

16. Click the Overlay Tab to show all channels in color overlay mode.

17. Adjust Brightness and Contrast for each channel to bring them into desired balance.

18. Click the Save Button to save the color image.

Location: T-lab, level10, Tissue Culture Room & T-lab, Level 9, Tissue Culture Room

Fig.1 and 2: EVOS f1 Microscope body

Fig.3: Find & Focus tab

Fig.4: Overlay tab and Save Button

Fig.5 Main Interface

Ref: EVOS fl Quick Start Guide