Location: T-lab level 9, room 7

Contact Persons: Mak Kah Jun/Liu Jun


Switching On

Turn the relevant plugs to the on position, all plugs are labelled with the attached component's name

488nm/515nm laser

If 488nm laser is needed, ensure the switch is flipped to the on position before turning the key to start the laser

561nm laser

If 561nm laser is needed, ensure that the screen shows that it has finished booting up before turning the key to start the laser.

405nm & 640nm lasers

If 405nm laser is needed, turn the key to start the laser

If 640nm laser is needed, ensure the switch is flipped to the on position before turning the key to start the laser


If incubation is needed, press and hold on the power button to switch on the stage top incubation heating elements

ND Filters

Individual ND filters are available to attenuate the laser power.

If laser power seems to be insufficient, check to see that these ND filters are not engaged.

Software selection mode

For easy STORM acquisition, select the ANDOR with N-STORM mode

For other studies or for advanced processing, select the ANDOR alone mode

General interface of the software

Additional Panels

To get missing control panels which have been closed by the previous user, right click, go to Acquisition Controls, select the relevant control panel

OC Panel

List of system presets, can be overwritten by clicking the small left facing arrow button besides each setting

DU-897 Settings/Camera settings

Exposure, Binning and EM Gain settings

Important: Keep EM Gain below 300 unless sample is very dim and image does not have saturated pixels

Ti Pad

Various adjustments for the microscope

Red arrow points to the TIRF angle adjustment

Laser control

Release interlock for control of the lasers, which is available only when the light path is directed to the camera


Simplified N-STORM acquisition panel with option for direct "Live" STORM image and graphing option to show pixel counts per frame for experiment optimisation.

ND Acquisition

For more options in acquisition

N3 Laser License Required to operate the microscope