MBI | Nikon A1Rsi Polarizing Module

N3 Laser Licence required to operate the microscope

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Nikon A1Rsi Polarizing Module, Level 10 Room 3


Nikon Ti2-U, A1R


10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, 100x

Lasers Diodes

405 nm (100mW), 488 nm (150mW), 515 nm (50mW), 561 nm (100mW), 594 nm (50mW), 640 nm (10mW)

Other informations

Epifluorescence 130W mercury lamp, 2x GaAsP, 2x PMT, 2x Andor DU897 EMDDC Ropel Dual View, On-stage incubator


Inverted microscope dedicated to point scanning confocal imaging, Widefield imaging, FRAP/PA