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To Protect User and Equipments

To Encourage and Facilitate Imaging Based Research in MBI

To Ensure the Smooth Operation of Core Shared Equipments

Core Staff and Duty Equipments:

HU Xian,Edna(Manager) - all microscopes available in MBI

LIU Jun(Miss) - Zeiss ConforcorIII, Leica SP5, Zeiss upright Microscope

Wong Pei Yee(Ms) - Olympus Live Cell, Nikon Biostation IMQ, Nikon A1R,and all microscopes in Tissue culture Room

Jasmine Chin (Miss) - API Delta Vision, Perkin Elmer Spinning Disk and Olympus TIRF

Trainings and Workshops

1. Users must attend trainings prior to accessing any microscopes in the facility. At this moment, hands-on training is only available for MBI staff/students.

2. For operation of microscopes, an 1-2 hours hands-on training will be organized in the form of either regular training or Ad hoc Training:

a) Regular Trainings - trainings would be conducted on a regular basis, provided by our core staff or vendor.

b) Ad hoc Trainings - students/staff who wish to be trained have to gather a total of 5 MBI staff/students to initialize an Ad hoc training.

Simply submit the filled Training Request Form to Microscope Staff an we'll organize a training as soon as possible.

  • MBI PIs do not need to gather 5 staff/student to initialize an Ad hoc training. Individual training will be organized for MBI PI upon request.
  • We'll not process the training application for user who failed to show up for registered training session without prior notice, or valid reason for one month(starting from the training day).

3. Regular workshop will be organized for those who wish to learn more about microscopes.

(MBI Microscope Workshop is conducted every Friday, 2:30pm to 3:30pm at T-lab, level 5)

Booking and Cancellation

1. There are 2 groups of microscope users in PPMS system:

a) Novice - Users can only book allocated microscopes from 9am to 10pm, Monday to Friday

b) Autonomous - Users can book the allocated microscopes at all time.

c) The following flow chart denotes the requirements for promoting from Novice to Autonomous

Users without training --------> Novice ---------> Autonomous

^ ^

Attended Training Passed quiz with at least 80%

2. User must use their login for booking. Users should not book for any other persons besides themselves.

3. In the event of any incidents during:

a) Office hour (8.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday):

Report the matter to Microscopy staff imediately. Actions will be taken by staff and the incidents will be reported in PPMS.

b) Non-office hour (6pm - 8.30am Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday):

Stop using the system (depending on severity). Report the incidents to both Microscopy staff and PPMS immediately. The Microscopy staff would take necessary action when resume working.

4. Users are urged to be punctual for the sessions booked, and leave punctually when sessions expire.

5. Users who are late for more than 30 minutes without informing any Microscopy staff may have their slot cancelled and given to other users on the waiting list.

6. Cancellations should be made as early as possible. Latest being 24 hours before the booked sessions for live cell imaging microscopes. If users are unable to cancel the booking, kindly contact Microscopy staff for assistance.

Laser Safety

1. Users need to obtain the N3 licence issued by NEA themselves. The N3 license has to be sought prior to the usage of the systems, even if the user has been trained to use the system. For more info kindly approach Microscopy staff.

2. Users are required to attend the Non-ionizing safety training provided in-house by NUS.

3. Microscopes with Class 3B lasers and above will be locked at non-office hours. Microscopy staff will give access to users who book the system

a) For overnight booking on weekdays (Monday to Friday): users to inform Microscopy staff before 6pm.

b) For weekend booking (Saturday and Sunday): users to inform Microscopy staff before 6pm Friday.

General Rules when Using Microscopes

1. Users are urged to alarm the persons inside the microscope rooms prior to entering the room.

2. For all light sources requiring cooling time (eg Argon 488), do not switch ON/OFF wtihin 15 minutes. Kindly allow 15 minutes interval between ON->OFF and OFF->ON.

3. Do not modify any hardware settings of the microscopes at any situation.

a) If the hardware settings need to be changed, must Microscopy staff prior to any action.

b) For emergency cases, if changes need to be done, please inform the Microscopy staff after the change.

c) Users could approach Microscopy staff for any suggestion for change of hardware settings

4. Clean the affected area if there is a spillage and inform Microscopy staff imediately - please be extra careful when cleaning the lens.

5. Clean the oil objectives or wipe the water lens imediately after use.

6. Clean the area of use. Do not leave any sample behind.

7. Turn off CO2 when finish experiment.


1. Users who are abusing the booking system are subjected to Penalty of being disallowed from using the microscopes if they repeatedly violate the booking policy. Examples of violation:

a) Not showing up for the booked sessions

b) Showing up late (more than 30 mins) without informing Microscopy staff

c) Not finishing on time and extending into the next user's time slot

d) No prior booking for microscopes but found to be operating them

e) Modifying any hardware settings without consulting Microscopy staff

f) In the case of gross negligence, the user may be held liable for all damages other than being disallowed from the systems.

2. Users violating the user policy are subjected to the following penalty:

a) 1st time violation - a warning email will be issued to the violating user.

b) 2nd time violation - a warning email will be sent to the violating user and his/her PI.

c) 3rd time violation - a warning email will be sent to all RCE members. The user would be disallowed from using the microscope for a period of 7 days.