Confocal List Server
      An excellent international forum where confocal users discuss confocal imaging
*Basic Understanding and Training
*A very useful educational site for understanding all aspects of light microscopy, confocal and digital imaging.
*Wealth of information on microscopy of all types
*University of Florida microscopy introduction tutorials.
*Fluorescence and Confocal Specimen Preparation
*Microscopy info

Useful WebSite:

Microscopy Basics (Systematic Knowledge Base)

Biophotonics(Free Journal)

Online Fluorophore Spectra Mixing
(Very useful if you want to use multiple fluorescence staining)

Invitrogen(not for Mac)

Olympus(not for Mac)

University of Arizona-MCB 1(Maybe Mac friendly)

University of Arizona-MCB 2(Mac Friendly)


Useful Publications:

Confocal Microscopy for Biologists, Alan R. Hibbs, Springer

Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy, James B. Pawley, Springer

Imaging Processing Softwares:

ImageJ(Powerful freeware, even more powerful if used with plugin)

Confocal Assistant (Freeware, windows)

Imaris(Commercial Software from BitPlane, an Andor sub-company)

SlideBook (Commercial Software from 3i)

Huygens (Commercial Software from Scientific Volume Imaging, Deconvolution)

Other Research and Core Facility Sites:

DBS Confocal Microscopy Lab

Confocal Core in Biopolis BSF

Microscopy Page of Prof. Colin Sheppard

Microscope Manufacturer Links:

Former Bio-Rad Cell Science Division

Carl Zeiss

Leica Microsystems

Nikon MicroscopyU



Accessories and Other Related Suppliers:

Andor Technology (CCDs , Spinning Disk System)

Applied Precision (Motorize Stage, Fluorensence Microscopy System)

MatTek (Glass Bottom Dishes For Live Cell Imaging)

Molecular Probes (Dyes Database)

OKOLabs(Live Imaging Fluorensence Automated System)


Semrock(Hard Coating Filters)

Warner Instrument(Perfusion Chambers)

Coherent (Lasers)


Training Request Form

Nikon A1R Si Offline Image Viewing Software